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Background: Relena
by Relena Darlain (darlainprincess)
at May 30th, 2006 (04:16 pm)

Current Condition: Healthy and busy
Current Residence: Family estate in the Sanq Kingdom (not palace) and personal residence in Brussles. She divides her time between the two.
Love Interest: A few flirts, but nothing serious
Last Update: 31 May 2006

After the Wars, Relena took the name of Darlain permanently and gave up her claim to the Sanq throne to continue her late father’s work as Vice Foreign Minister. She has since gained the official title Vice Foreign Minister of External Affairs to the Earth Sphere United Nations, which is usually shortened to Foreign Minister. Her duties are almost endless; as one with no permanent affiliation to a country in the Earth Sphere (since she gave up claim to the throne) she works as a neutral party to internal conflict and also acts a go between to colonies and the few countries as yet uncovered by the ESUN. She owns an old townhouse in Brussels where she lives when she needs to be close to the ESUN capital. At other times she lives and works from a family estate in the countryside of the Sanq Kingdom.

The Sanq Kingdom, tiny but powerful, is ruled now by a president instead of a monarchy. They are not part of the ESUN, but their interests are the same and it considered mutually beneficial for the two to remain separate. The school Relena started during her reign was reinstated and the palace was converted to a school/national monument. Relena is still referred to as ‘Princess’ occasionally there, which annoys her greatly.

On a personal level, Relena is still on good terms with her mother, as the only living family member she has contact with. She is quietly searching for her brother who seems to have lost contact with her. She worries about him and hears rumors about his alcohol problem from contacts in the Preventers. She tries to keep in contact with the Gundam boys, but mostly just hears about them in rumors. As for romance, many try to ‘court’ her, but she hasn’t found anyone to interest her enough to tear her away from her work.