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Background: Hilde Schbeiker
by Hilde Schbeiker (h_schbeiker)
at August 18th, 2006 (12:39 am)

Current Condition: Healthy and busy
Current Residence: Apartment complex in the L2 cluster
Love Interest: In a slowly progressing relationship with Mark Leiken
Since the end of the war, Hilde has managed a salvage yard in the L2 cluster. After working with Duo and the Sweepers for several months, Hilde found a note on her desk, containing an apology from her best friend, explaining his disappearance. Since his disappearance lost her a business partner and a roommate, she called in a favor from Mark Leiken, a scrapyard worker from L3. After he had repaid his debt, Mark stayed and became her full-time business partner.

During that time, Hilde held interviews for suitable roommates. Many of the candidates were homeless and without a job. After several long weeks of searching, she met Katie Kim, an investigative journalist with a case of serious wanderlust. Since Katie had a job, was relatively homeless, and her company was easy to enjoy, Hilde offered her a place to stay during her periods of intermission.

Hilde tries to keep in touch with Duo, but most of her time is taken up by her salvaging and her new friends. In particular, her free time is focused around her evolving relationship with Mark. However, though she feels an attraction to him, and she believes he is attracted to her, neither has taken that step away from friendship.