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lost_justice [userpic]
by lost_justice (lost_justice)
at May 11th, 2006 (10:50 am)
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Yuy. I will be in Sanq the end of next week. Can you recommend accomodations?

Amy Yates [userpic]
by Amy Yates (arabianprincess)
at May 1st, 2006 (10:15 am)

Trowa and Relena have been dropped. Please modify your friends lists and buddy lists to reflect the change.

Amy Yates [userpic]
Character Backgrounds
by Amy Yates (arabianprincess)
at May 1st, 2006 (10:00 am)

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Pilots Others
Heero Yuy
Duo Maxwell
Trowa Barton
Quatre Raberba Winner
Chang Wu Fei
Milliardo Peacecraft
Relena Darlian
Hilde Schbeiker
Dorothy Catalonia
Iria Winner

Amy Yates [userpic]
Background Deadline
by Amy Yates (arabianprincess)
at April 30th, 2006 (11:30 am)

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Today is your last day to post backgrounds. When I wake up tomorrow, I'm making a post with links to all the backgrounds, taking those without backgrounds off the comm info, and putting their little pictures on the available post. Then, when I advertise, those can be chosen (and will most likely go first). So post if you want to keep yours!

Amy Yates [userpic]
Background Deadline
by Amy Yates (arabianprincess)
at April 29th, 2006 (02:45 pm)

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You have until tomorrow to post your character's background! Anyone who hasn't posted will lose her/his character!

My finals are next week. On Monday, I'm going to take out the inactive players and start advertising again. Hopefully with summer coming up, more people will be interested in playing. However, I won't be keeping inactive characters. I need to know who's inactive before I start advertising.

Dorothy Catalonia [userpic]
Log: Iria, Dorothy
by Dorothy Catalonia (spanish_duchess)
at April 29th, 2006 (12:00 am)
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Characters: Iria, Dorothy
Location: Hospital, Barcelona, Spain
When: 26 April 198
Rating: G

She had just traveled from L4 to the Winner's home in Saudi ArabiaCollapse )

Iria Winner [userpic]
Iria's Background
by Iria Winner (chromeblast)
at April 27th, 2006 (11:46 am)

Current condition: physically and mentally healthy
Current location: L4
Love interest: some original character named Carson
Last update: April 23rd, 2006

Iria lives in a cozy studio condominium unit in the midtown section of the city. Unlike her siblings, she does not hire servants to take care of her home and to cater to her every whim. Iria does most of the household chores herself -- she cleans, cooks, does the groceries, etc.

Although she owns a car, Iria commutes daily to her workplace, a public (government-owned) hospital where she does duties as a doctor, a job she admits she does not enjoy. Her true passion lies in the field of the pure sciences and ever since she was a young girl, she has always dreamed of pursuing a career in the academe, a life devoted to research and innovation of ideas. She also wishes to play a part in educating the youth of her society.

Since her father's death, her sisters have been telling her to quit her present job and to go after the career she wants. Iria hesitates because she feels that she couldn't break her promise to her father that she would indeed become a doctor and go against his wishes. Iria is currently dealing with this situation and has yet to make a decision.

Iria maintains contacts with only a few of her sisters whom she had not seen for already five years. She hopes to re-establish connections with the rest of her siblings most especially her brother whom she feels has been distancing himself from the rest of the family. Iria dreams of a unified Winner family someday.

Her sisters are determined to see her get married, but Iria is still waiting for Carson, her boyfriend for already six years, to deliver his proposal.

lost_justice [userpic]
by lost_justice (lost_justice)
at April 26th, 2006 (10:02 am)

Current Condition: Perfectly fit and ready for any missions coming his way.
Current Residence: Brussels in Belgium
Love Interest: Taking down the ene... perp.
Last Update: 26 April 2006


Wufei lives alone in a Preventer's owned apartment building. He spends long hours on the job and practices his arts and meditations in down time.

The only person he has regular contact with now is Une, and even that is on rare occasions.

He thinks he is perfectly fine being a loner, but on bad days, he tends to think about the others and what they are up to.

Amy Yates [userpic]
by Amy Yates (arabianprincess)
at April 23rd, 2006 (02:30 pm)

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You have one week (that's seven (7) days) to post your character's background! Remember, anyone who doesn't post a background will lose her/his character regardless of activity level in character journal.

Dorothy Catalonia [userpic]
Background Deadline
by Dorothy Catalonia (spanish_duchess)
at April 20th, 2006 (02:30 pm)

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I don't want you to feel rushed, but as a friendly reminder, you have ten (10) days until the deadline for backgrounds.

Dorothy Catalonia [userpic]
Log: Dorothy, Milliardo
by Dorothy Catalonia (spanish_duchess)
at April 18th, 2006 (12:25 am)

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Characters: Milliardo and Dorothy
Location: Barcelona, Spain—phone call
When: 8:45 pm, 17 April 198
Rating: PG

Milliardo sat in a lush velvet chairCollapse )

Dorothy Catalonia [userpic]
Log: Quatre, Dorothy
by Dorothy Catalonia (spanish_duchess)
at April 17th, 2006 (11:30 pm)

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Characters: Quatre and Dorothy
Location: Barcelona, Spain
When: A couple weeks ago (we're such slackers)
Rating: PG-13 to be safe

You know I love to keep my promises, DorothyCollapse )

Quatre Raberba Winner [userpic]
by Quatre Raberba Winner (thedesertprince)
at April 17th, 2006 (08:50 pm)

Current Condition: Alive, stressed, and busy as usual
Current Residence: He is constantly shuttling back and forth between the colonies and Earth. Most his time is spent in Saudi Arabia at the main Winner house and the main WEI headquarters on L4.
Love Interest: None. He's far too busy.
Last Update: 4/17/06


Quatre is virtually busy. He makes time in his schedule whenever one of his old friends wants to visit him, but since he's the CEO of WEI, he doesn't have much time to himself. Rashid of the Maganacs acts as Quatre's personal assistant and bodyguard, as well as father figure and best friend currently. Rashid and the other Maganacs act as body guards, but most the time Quatre only travels with Rashid and one or two others, and whatever business associates are necessary.

Quatre has recently hired an assistant, Mariko, who helps take some of the pressure off him and frees up a bit more of his time. Just like the Quatre we all know, he loves to spend time with his friends and doesn't want to lose touch with any of them, even though he finds it very hard to keep track of some of them and keep in touch with some. He tries his hardest, though!

Back in October (or September or something), WEI and Quatre specifically had a big crisis that was covered in the news. The Egyptian Prime Minister, Ahmose, tried to take over the company and when Quatre refused to let him, Egypt cancelled all its contracts with WEI immediately, and started a smear campaign in the news against Quatre. Ahmose ended up being removed from the PMship of Egypt, but made a threat on Quatre's life when he was booted and then went into hiding, essentially becoming a terrorist and blaming Quatre for his downfall. Rashid tried to track Ahmose but lost him, and every once in a while Ahmose pops up now and again as a menace. In a possibly related incident, there was an attempt on Quatre's life one day in the office, and because of all this Rashid prohibits Quatre from posting his specific locations in the journal.

In domestic news, Quatre is estranged from his family ever since his fathers' death. He does not talk to any of his sisters regularly and this hurts him greatly, although he doesn't like to let it show too often. Some of his sisters refuse to talk to him ever again, some are indifferent and some (like Quatre) just don't know how to get past the topic of their fathers' death. Because of being estranged, Quatre has become very close to Rashid, even more so than before, and tries even harder to keep in touch with his 'family' from the war--aka the other pilots. Again, his busy schedule as CEO really prevents him from keeping in touch with anyone and has turned him into a loner despite his gregarious personality.

Quatre still has empathetic attacks (for those who don't remember I think he only had two in the entire GW series--the most notable being when Heero tried to kill himself in the beginning by self-destructing). He keeps these secret because they worry him and he doesn't want others worrying about him. He goes to doctors every once in a while when the attacks get bad, but he already knows that they can't tell him anything about them.

So, that's basically where he's at right now!

Duo Maxwell [userpic]
RP Thread : Duo and Heero
by Duo Maxwell (_cloakanddagger)
at April 16th, 2006 (02:06 pm)
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When: A Sunday around mid-day.
Where: Outskirts of the Sanq Kingdom, around a small shopping district.
Open to: Heero and/or anyone else in the area.
Notes: I know this isn’t the favorite way to play, but with everyone being rather busy with their lives lately and mostly all in different time zones, it seems much easier and more convenient for me to start logs this way right now so we can all play on our own times and at our own pace. At least it’s interaction and playing right? ^^;

Hoofing it.Collapse )

Amy Yates [userpic]
Background Deadline
by Amy Yates (arabianprincess)
at April 16th, 2006 (02:10 pm)

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First, Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a good holiday!

Onto business, thanks to those who have posted backgrounds already! I know everyone is busy this month, and I'm not singling anyone out of those who haven't posted yet, but I need you to post your character's background by the end of the month, 30 April 2006! It doesn't take much to write a couple sentences. I'm not asking for anything too in depth. I want to have everyone's up by May. If you need another week or so, just contact me and let me know. If you don't post the background or let me know anything, I'll give your character up.

To those who are new, don't panic. As I said above, I'm not asking for anything too in depth. I just don't want to fall into inactivity this quickly. However, I know finals are coming up in school, and I'm quite busy myself. Just prove to me you're still alive and interested in keeping your character, and we're all good. ^_~

Heero Yuy [userpic]
Heero's background
by Heero Yuy (heero_yuy_)
at April 16th, 2006 (10:42 am)

Current Condition: Alive and well…if a little contemplative.
Current Residence: Rented accommodation in the Sanq kingdom.
Love Interest: T_T Poor guy. He doesn’t know. In other words, the mun doesn’t have a clue.

After the end of the wars, Heero left without a word. Making his way through the colonies, he forced himself to face his past. However, there was one area that even he feared to tread. The life of ‘the boy’ that became Heero Yuy.

Finally, after almost a year, Heero made contact with his old comrades, giving him the strength to finally face the last of his demons. Making a trip to the colony he could consider home, Heero spent his Christmas and new year doing his best to face up to his past and the path he took.

Meanwhile, Heero did his best to create a regular life for himself, even going as far as to take up a number of programming jobs for small businesses. However, prior to these more common jobs, he had also turned his hand to computer security. This had been the proverbial final straw. After causing his employer nothing but troubles, Heero was forced to leave his previous occupation. As part of the move, Heero returned to Earth after hearing about the break in at the Sanq palace. It was there that he finally met up with Relena for the first time since the last war. He ended up staying at her house for a few weeks. However, due to a number of reasons, Heero had to move out, taking up residence in a simple apartment in the outskirts of the Sanq.

He is currently trying to live a life that can be considered normal by regular means. However that seems to be easier said than done…

Duo Maxwell [userpic]
Duo's Current Background
by Duo Maxwell (_cloakanddagger)
at April 15th, 2006 (11:42 pm)

current mood: good

As of 4/16/06

Current Condition: Alive and kicking.
Current Residence: Nowhere and everywhere. Earth to be a bit more specific.
Current Love Interest(s): None.

Duo was keeping himself busy, but not with anything terribly useful or personally fulfilling since when the pilots dispersed. After working and residing with Hilde on L-2 in the scrap yard diligently for months on end after the end of the war, he began creeping towards the end of his proverbial rope. Feeling increasingly anxious, frustrated, vapid, and bored, one day Duo finally just up and left, leaving only an apologetic note to Hilde to explain his disappearance.

Not really caring where it was headed, Duo hopped on the first shuttle that was available which ended up being Earth where he’s currently aimlessly traveling around, excited by the liberation but lacking worthwhile idea’s on what to do with himself and how to go about his new life without the motivation and distraction from self that he had by being “Pilot Zero Two”.

Duo has randomly gotten in touch with the other former Pilots and past acquaintances via computer but otherwise has had yet to have much contact with everyone since the end of the war.

Dorothy Catalonia [userpic]
Log: Dorothy, Milliardo
by Dorothy Catalonia (spanish_duchess)
at April 13th, 2006 (12:30 pm)

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Characters: Dorothy and Milliardo
Location: Barcelona, Spain
When: 12 April 198
Rating: PG
Note: It cuts off a little abruptly because it was mostly to demonstrate how to RP, but it was nice, and we don't have any logs on the comm just yet. Thus, I'm posting it. ^_~

soon enough she would not have to imagineCollapse )

Dorothy Catalonia [userpic]
Dorothy's Background
by Dorothy Catalonia (spanish_duchess)
at April 12th, 2006 (09:00 pm)

Current Condition: Pregnant, due any day now
Current Residence: Barcelona, Spain
Love Interest: None at the moment, and Relena better not tell what she does know
Last Update: 21 April 2006

Dorothy has a close friend María Pilar, better known as Pili, who stays with her often. Pili is in love with a soldier, an OZ soldier, who has yet to return home from the war, but she is certain he will return. Dorothy is not so certain. Michael is her male cousin who has taken it upon himself to keep her safe now that she has no one else—and is pregnant. Lyle Garner is a man Pili with whom set Dorothy up. He harrassed her for awhile and caused some trouble with the press, but she had him deported. At one point, Dorothy found a black kitten, and she's decided to keep him. Zechs offered the name Marius because the kitten likes hair, so that is his name.

Dorothy's grandfather also promised her hand in marriage to quite a few families—often as a negotiation tool. Many families now are coming out, declaring Dorothy marry their son. She refuses all, but her family keeps pressuring her to marry.

A one night stand months ago resulted in Dorothy getting pregnant. Only Dorothy knows who the father is; she has not even told Relena. When the father found out about this, he said she was the one with the money so he did not have to pay child support, and then he left. Dorothy is not too upset about this. On April 21, 198, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Daniel Kyle.

Amy Yates [userpic]
by Amy Yates (arabianprincess)
at April 12th, 2006 (05:30 pm)

current location: Kennesaw State University
current mood: rejuvenated
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Okay, I'm at school, so this is a hurried post. Basically, I would like every character to post an entry to the comm (whenever you can—I know RL is eating up my time right now too) giving a small background of what's happened so far. Hopefully I'll have Dorothy's up by tonight so that everyone can see what I mean. This will help the new players get to know the backgrounds, the old players to see what the new players are thinking, and for any future new players to come back and read. I'll want your posts updated every few months. You can do this as a major event comes up, or you can just wait until I ask you to update it. ^_^ I'll have a page with links to each entry.

REMEMBER: Post in your character journal. I don't want to see any posts from your personal journal giving the background of your character.

Hopefully this will also get everyone to update their FList if they have to. I'm so sneaky. ^_~