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by heavyarms_03 (heavyarms_03)
at June 19th, 2006 (09:06 pm)

Current Condition: alive and well, still recovering some memories
Current Residence: does not have, lives and travels with the circus
Love Interest: None that he rembers

Trowa Barton is now living in the circus, where he returned after the Marineia coup-de-tat. He's been having some flashbacks during this last years and now he remebrs most of his child experiences and Miidi Une. Even tought, he has not told Cathy anything about this, in order to not worry her.

He has certainly adapted to the circus life, a life where there is no real danger, unless Cathy misses a shot -which is of course sort of imposible-. He is still very quiet and flexible. He usually helps on the Preventers un-ofically only when really needed on order to not worry Cathy and the circus crew.

Cathy this days has find him quiet distressed even tought she really doesn't know why