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The Unwounded Soldier: A Gundam Wing RPG
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"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers." –José Narosky
"Everyone's a pacifist between wars. It's like being a vegetarian between meals." –Colman McCarthy

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Welcome to The Unwounded Soldier! The Unwounded Soldier is a Gundam Wing RPG. The year is AC 198. After Mariemaia's attempted coup, the characters went their separate ways to find how they fit into this new world. The characters later reconnect a year later to find some have changed more than others. This is a serious RPG about how the characters and government would be after Endless Waltz. This RPG is a continuation of faded_melody, so some history comes from that comm. Going back a few entries should bring any newcomer easily up-to-date. The active players of that comm get first dibs on their characters, but besides that, everyone else is free for the claiming!

‡ Journal - Please have a separate journal for your character (and yes, you are only allowed one). When writing in this journal, you may write in first person and run-ons as you feel your character would.
‡ Activity - You must be fairly active. I would suggest a minimum of updating your journal at least once every two weeks, but I will not be enforcing this rule unless things slow down too much. If you cannot update this frequently please send me a message via AIM, leave a comment on my personal journal (arabianprincess), or post on the community. I understand that sometimes real life can throw a wrench in your RP life.
‡ AIM - Role-playing will take place over AIM, so please have a screenname. Please keep your buddy list up-to-date with new members' screennames. Role-playing will be written in third person, paragraph form. Please try your best to use correct spelling and correct grammar. Post logs onto the community.
‡ Nice - Players do not always get along. Characters do not always get along. Do not let either carry over to the other.
‡ True - Please stay as true to the canon character as possible (obviously they are in different situations now). Watch the series and/or movie again, or read the scripts (such as at GundamWing.net). We all know the fanon stereotypes, so I hope we stay away from them.
‡ Relationships - Yaoi and yuri are accepted. This is Gundam Wing after all. However, I would also like to say that het is perfectly welcomed as well. Any character may have unrequited love without another's approval (Duo may crush on any character without asking another). However, before you put two characters in bed, please make sure the other player accepts this.
‡ Characters - At this moment, we are not accepting original characters or Treize. There is a plethora of side characters for you to develop (see here for ideas).
‡ Research - Please do not attempt anything too cultural without doing some research. I am not expecting you to become an expert before you do anything, but at least look into things please. Look up something about pregnancy if you get your character knocked up. Read articles before you throw around technical terms on underwater sea colonies. Also, if you have your character using foreign words, please, please have some background. Do not have your character spewing Japanese words when you only know it from fan fiction.
‡ Warning - If anything explicit is in an RP log (graphic sex, excessive violence, explicit drug use, etc.—basically anything that would warrant a rating of NC-17, MA, X), please put a warning so that those who do not wish to see it (or want to wait until she or he is alone) may avoid it.
‡ War - There are no more Gundams or MS. Did you not hear the narrator at the end of Endless Waltz? If somehow ESUN comes to war, it will be with good old-fashioned tanks and such.
‡ Fun - Do not forget to smile! This should be fun for all! Oh, for bonus points, put "6xD is my OTP" under additional comments in your application to show you understand and agree to these rules (you may add any other comments you have).

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Characters of The Unwounded Soldier
Heero Yuy
Player: Li
Journal: heero_yuy_
AIM SN: TenshiNoTakai
Milliardo Peacecraft (hiatus)
Player: Baroness
Journal: peacecraftbaron
AIM SN: YoruameBaroness
Duo Maxwell
Player: Sachi
Journal: _cloakanddagger
AIM SN: two makes duo
Relena Darlian
Player: The Lady (ect)
Journal: darlainprincess
AIM SN: peacebequeen
Trowa Barton
Player: Mei
Journal: heavyarms_03
AIM SN: trwnnsh
Hilde Schbeiker
Player: Medi
Journal: h_schbeiker
AIM SN: Serpiente Rosa
Quatre Raberba Winner
Player: Nicole
Journal: thedesertprince
AIM SN: SubjectOfTowels
Dorothy Catalonia
Player: Amy (MOD)
Journal: spanish_duchess
AIM SN: WinnerPrincess
Chang Wu Fei
Player: Rose
Journal: lost_justice
AIM SN: ba xiong di
Iria Winner
Player: Sophia
Journal: chromeblast
AIM SN: nerdymicrobe